About Our Name

What does Albert Einstein have to do with the Ring Effect?

And what on earth do stars whirling through space have to do with creating bold new strategies?

Initially, the Ring Effect was a play on my last name. I brainstormed for a company name with a few colleagues and the word "ring" popped up. It was perfect—I could use the name to tell different stories about my approach to strategic planning, branding, and other processes.

So that's how the name "Ring Effect" came about.

But life is funny, isn't it? It turns out Einstein talked about the ring effect, too.

Of course, he was talking about something different—a scientific ring effect. Nonetheless, Einstein's principles about how ring effects are created perfectly describe how my Ring Effect works in strategic planning.

An Einstein ring is all about alignment

Let's imagine a source of light, like a star, whirling in space. And let's say that star bumps into a large body, like another galaxy.

Instead of traveling in a straight line, the light from that star bends around the galaxy.…


When it bends, it transforms into a brilliant ring—creating something big, bold, and entirely new. This type of ring is very unusual and happens only when everything is aligned.

My Ring Effect works the same way

When you go through any of my processes, everybody is aligned. That alignment creates an awesome new strategy that never existed before.

The same principles that are present in Einstein's ring are present in my Ring Effect:
1. The principle of alignment
2. The principle of changing one thing into another—creating something unique

When a group participates in any of my sessions, the goal is to get everybody aligned and moving in the same direction.

Once a group (a star) is aligned, it can bump into any challenge (a galaxy) and transform itself to create something new and bold—something that never existed before.

This Ring Effect applies to everything we do

I start with a group of people, and we go through a process. It could be anything from strategic visioning and planning to brand strategy or meeting design.

Everyone becomes aligned during the process

This process grounds everyone. We learn how to effectively communicate and work together as a team, so each person feels comfortable contributing to the overall plan.

Once aligned, people in a team can realize and create bold ideas and strategies they never thought possible—just like that starlight transforming into a newly formed ring of light.