About Us

Is your business stuck in growing pains?

Maybe you’ve grown really quickly.

And maybe you’ve churned out a lot of products and services or entered new markets and opened new locations.

You’ve got 20 different messages.

Not only are your employees confused, but your customers are confused.

You might be confused, too. It’s tough to remember why you started this business.

Guess what?

You’re on exactly the right track.

This is all completely normal.

And the good news is – everything you’re experiencing right now is the raw material needed to create a concise and unique brand message and a strategy to grow your business.

Most plans just sit on the shelf.

That’s why I create strategic plans you can easily execute yourself.

These strategic plans can take a variety of forms, including how to:

  • Solidify your vision and sharing it with your team
  • Develop a brand so you stand out from the competition
  • Create high-performance teams that communicate well and achieve their goals
  • How to improve customer experience and service
  • Determine how you’re going to grow and scale your business
  • How to make more money
  • Develop new products
  • Finding new customers
  • Launch and discover new products and markets
  • Evolve your business from an entrepreneurial environment (where everyone’s busy working to get things done), to one in which you’ve got organization and a strong culture in a manner employees will embrace.

Visual tools

Visual tools are a critical component of achieving high levels of success in planning. For instance, I use giant pieces of paper and hang them on the walls throughout the room. I use markers and inspire the team I'm working with to incorporate images and word ideas on the paper.

Sometimes words get in the way of what someone is expressing. Pictures, on the other hand, can express more than words. The result? An environment is created that fosters understanding and a feeling of being heard.

Visual Bio

My credentials include:

We're a good fit it...

I specialize in working with small to midsize businesses and with entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. 

I also work with women’s organizations and nonprofits

Helping innovative companies successfully enter new markets is one of my specialties.

What is a typical time frame?

I usually work with a client for from three to six months. I’m often invited back to work with clients because I’ve built a relationship with them over time. The next time they need to put together a big plan (or even if they need to run a meeting) they contact me because my way of doing things has become part of their business planning.

How do we work together?

I travel to see clients. When we have a meeting, we go to an off-site location or I visit them on-site. Some of my work is done in a virtual mode from my office.

What kind of results can you expect?

I had a client who was wrestling with how to present a possible joint venture to another partner. There was a lot of capital at stake. The team met several times, but they just could not nail down the value proposition for the joint venture partner.

I facilitated a meeting with the team, and here’s what my client accomplished in just two hours:

  • Created clear, consistent and concise messaging about the event
  • Determined key features and benefits
  • Analyzed target markets
  • Decided on event participants
  • Narrowed down sponsorship opportunities
  • Figured out how the event would be monetized
  • Decided how much capital the joint venture partner would contribute
  • Analyzed the ROI for the joint venture partner
  • Created a timeline of the event
  • Secured sponsors for the new joint venture partner
  • Outlined all the media partners and channels

The result? My client procured the deal.

It all started on Wall Street

I began my career as an analyst in the corporate finance department of Deutsche Bank. I focused on companies in the industrial sector and worked on a variety of transactions in debt, equity, and mergers and acquisitions. From there I transitioned into equity research at Deutsche Bank Securities. I covered many multi-industry companies, including Honeywell, Teleflex, Textron, ITT Industries, Tyco, Dover and Danaher.

2004 to Present: Brand strategy consultant

For more than a decade, I have consulted with organizations on brand and business matters. Clients from diverse backgrounds—including consumer, business-to-business products and services, restaurants, hospitality, technology and healthcare sectors—have benefited from my process.

2006: Co-founded Brain Tattoo Publishing

Brain Tattoo Publishing is an online enterprise for creatively charged entrepreneurs, business professionals and marketers. The idea was born on the back of a napkin and involved writing a business plan, executing plans, securing funding, hiring and managing staff, and branding.

Wall Street gave me a hands-on education in how finance and capital markets work and in the ins and outs of income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.

Brand strategy taught me how to create a brand plan—from research to planning to execution. I know how to work with both the analytical, financial and creative sides of business.

Creating Brain Tattoo Publishing taught me the high points and pitfalls of entrepreneurship. My learning experience from having done this allows me to understand issues that are unique to entrepreneurs.

Cranky Horses

I’ve been riding horses since I was four years old. I teach horsemanship at Rein and Shine as part of their horsemanship program. I also have a knack for turning a cranky horse into a rideable one by reaching into my communication toolbox.

I also love cooking, fishing, and exploring the Low Country and anywhere else I can venture to. I’m involved with several business organizations and volunteer in Charleston, South Carolina.