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Strategic Planning: 3 Myths Senior Executives Can Abandon

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Have you ever wondered why most strategic planning sessions include only the senior leaders? 

In fact, these planning sessions rarely include anyone else.

Clearly, there must be a good reason, right?

Well, it turns out there isn’t a good reason.

It’s simply become a time-honored tradition. And that tradition is based on two factors:

1. Including only senior leaders is the status quo

It’s often a best practice across many companies. Companies, in general, assume that senior leaders are the best people to create the strategic plan.

2. Companies are structured a certain way

Most companies are structured so that they have front-line employees, the ones who do what the business does. Then, as those employees progress in their careers, they are promoted to management positions.

But this way of doing business has negative consequences for any business

  • The plan sits on the shelf once it’s been created (because the plan wasn’t created by people who are involved in the product, service or the operation of the company).
  • The plan has a narrow focus and lacks a rich source of information (because it lacks a variety of input from people throughout the organization).

As a result of this process, three myths developed that executives should start abandoning now.

How to find a brand new market...visually

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I have been contributing to a branding program overat Restaurant Branding Roadmap which has been great fun since it combines two of my favorite subjects - branding and restaurants. My research has included lots of reading about the restaurant industry and documenting the details of my dining experiences from food to ambiance to service to unique concepts. This week, I was reminded about an exercise you can use to eliminate your competition - in any industry. You can draw a picture of a market and see a new opportunity.  

The restaurant industry is filled with thousands of concepts. Some of these breakthrough ideas are pioneering at first and later become brand concept legacies (think Starbucks) while others become short-lived fads that start with one innovator, a hot new food idea and then quickly become a not so special restaurant concept that many will imitate (think your average yogurt spot). New restaurant concepts, trends and fads, often take a common path. They open, earn media buzz and lots of word of mouth chatter and soon copycats emerge and you find marrow-filled dishes and red bean ice cream everywhere.

A Picture is Worth (roughly) a Thousand Words

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I had been planning to write the story behind this chart for some time and was reminded to do so by a tweet from fellow visual strategist Tristan Ozero. Thank you for prompt, and here is the story in just over 1000 words.



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What the heck is a visual strategist??

Welcome to the ring effect blog. I'm Jocelyn Ring and I am a visual strategist. You might be asking, "what the heck is that and how did you become one?" The short answer is that I have taken knowledge from education and business experience, lessons learned from lifelong passions and information gleaned from lots of books on a variety of subjects and mashed them all together.