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How to make your time at a conference more fun

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Have you ever been tasked with sitting at the company booth at a conference or a trade show?

Maybe it’s for a company you work for or you’re there with your own business. You’ve got your folding table, a banner, maybe some drapes, a pile of brochures and cards a mile high and maybe you’ve got some fun SWAG. Pretty standard stuff.

You might get a few people to take your goodies and you might exchange pleasantries and business cards with a some folks, but you don’t get the level of engagement and connection that you’d hoped for.

In this scenario, you’ve spent money on your exhibitor’s spot, which means that you don’t have money to spend on other things, and you’re not sure if it was worth it. You also spent a couple of days manning your table and you probably didn’t get a chance to network with many attendees and the people you’d hoped to meet.

The time you spent also took you away from your business which means that you missed out on opportunity to work on your business or to serve clients.

So, how can you make your exhibitor experience better and more fun?

I’m about to tell you how.

Friday fun: Einstein quote visualized

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I've decided to have a little fun on the blog on Fridays. 

During the week, I generate at least four dozen doodles and sketches related to my work in branding and strategy projects and when facilitating I fill the walls with pictures and words. Since I'm so visual, it's something that I must do to understand concepts, ideas and how thing work. On Fridays, I will post a picture of a visual I did for fun and tell the story behind it. Sort of like VH1 Storytellers with sketches.

This week, I decided to play with a visual for one of my favorite quotes: