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Rethinking Your Brand Strategy? 3 Questions to Ask First (and 3 Easy Makeover Solutions)

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Let me ask you a question.

When you hear the word “brand,” what do you think it means?



Marketing tactics?


Sure, these all play a part in branding. 

But, in fact, branding is much more than just these items.

I like to say branding is what people think, feel and expect whenever they interact with your company. 

Branding is an overarching image. 

It’s ingrained in everything you do—your operations, your message, all your touch points and your marketing.

It’s the DNA of the company.

When a company is thinking of rebranding itself, it can feel quite overwhelming. 


So before you dive deep into the world of rebranding and hiring a branding strategist, it’s important to ask three questions first to determine where your brand currently stands. 

Based on your answers, you can take a few simple steps to start bringing your brand into alignment or you can hire a branding consultant

How to find a brand new market...visually

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I have been contributing to a branding program overat Restaurant Branding Roadmap which has been great fun since it combines two of my favorite subjects - branding and restaurants. My research has included lots of reading about the restaurant industry and documenting the details of my dining experiences from food to ambiance to service to unique concepts. This week, I was reminded about an exercise you can use to eliminate your competition - in any industry. You can draw a picture of a market and see a new opportunity.  

The restaurant industry is filled with thousands of concepts. Some of these breakthrough ideas are pioneering at first and later become brand concept legacies (think Starbucks) while others become short-lived fads that start with one innovator, a hot new food idea and then quickly become a not so special restaurant concept that many will imitate (think your average yogurt spot). New restaurant concepts, trends and fads, often take a common path. They open, earn media buzz and lots of word of mouth chatter and soon copycats emerge and you find marrow-filled dishes and red bean ice cream everywhere.