Brand Audit

How to Self-diagnose Your Brand:

Is it Healthy or is it Time for a Refresh?

Sometimes, you get the feeling that something is just "off" with your brand. Signs might be that you feel confused describing your business or what you do, you've redesigned your website several times, but it's still not right or attracting customers. Perhaps your sales have plateaued or your team has lost some of it's enthusiasm. There are some questions you can ask to help you pinpoint what areas of your brand might need some attention or if you've outgrown your branding and it's time to refresh some things. Those questions are in the Brand Audit.

The Ring Effect Brand Audit 2017 Cover Page

This exercise is one I use with EVERY SINGLE one of my clients and it's my FREE gift to you.

This exercise will help you get off the crazy train of:
→    Implementing tactics that don't get you results
→    Comparing yourself to "the competition"
→    Understand which areas of your brand are solid and which may need to be refocuesd

It'll also show you why focusing on the touch points, the external parts of your brand (website, copy, marketing) can keep you from moving forward. Get clear on the essence of your brand first will make executing the other parts a breeze.