About You

You're passionate about your work and your mission.

You work with talented people, and high-performing teams are the heartbeat of your company.

You're an entrepreneur

A solopreneur.
An innovator.
A visionary.

You're a founder, CEO or upper-level manager of a small to medium-sized business.

Or perhaps you're an executive director of a nonprofit.

Your organization is driven to do things better, and because you're open to doing things in new ways, you welcome objective experts showing you how to grow your business.

You know growing a business without expert help is difficult

Critical questions often go unanswered. Questions such as:

1. Is my brand blending in with the competition?

Not having a strong brand in the marketplace means:

  • Projecting an inconsistent brand message
  • Confusing consumers
  • Mixing up your brand with your competitors'
  • Becoming another commodity

You're not a branding expert, but you realize you need an expert to help you through the process of refurbishing your brand, creating a strategy that everyone believes in and rolling out a plan that your employees can execute themselves.

2. Has my business hit a plateau? Can I turn it around?

Organizations are constantly measuring and analyzing their performance. Maybe you've noticed that sales numbers are down, customers are leaving, profit margins are down, market share has decreased or things have just flat-lined—you can't figure out how to pump up business to the next level.

3. Is employee morale low?

As a company grows from a start-up into a more mature organization, it's important to clearly define people's roles because people can get confused about what their job is supposed to be. That confusion can lead to low employee morale, low productivity and a lack of enthusiasm.

Even in this tough economy, people will leave a job for a better opportunity elsewhere. Constantly onboarding new employees and bringing them up to speed can slow a business down and keep it from moving forward.

4. Do I lack a reliable process to move ideas and products to the marketplace?

You may be great at churning up new ideas, but chances are you don't have a reliable process in place to capture great ideas, sort through them and figure out which ones to execute.

If you don't have a process to innovate and get products to market in a timely manner, you risk having your brand become a commodity—or worse, you risk going out of business.

5. Are we wasting 90% of our time in unproductive meetings?

Let's face it—most meetings are unproductive; they can cost a company $23,000 (or more) a year. Setting up and facilitating meetings is a skill in and of itself. Employees are skilled at what they do—not at planning and holding productive meetings.

The solution

Whether it's strategic planning, brand strategy, or meeting planning and design, you need somebody to sit down with you, listen to the history of your organization, learn how you got where you are today and help you get to where you want to be.

Welcome to the Ring Effect: a strategic process and visual road map to get you from here to there.

I'm Jocelyn Ring, and I'm a process expert. That means I know how to fit the many pieces of a business puzzle together, help you create a brand strategy, define your strategic plans and turn unproductive meetings into revenue-generating meetings.

What I do is become my clients' trusted partner. I learn everything about their organization—from the competitive environment to their customers—and work with them to put together a plan. I'm not talking about a plan that's stuffed with documents but one that's created by your team, is easy to follow and can be successfully rolled out by employees.

Why can your team roll out a plan? Because they created it. And they start by drawing out their ideas on a large chart on the wall. When ideas are drawn out for everybody to see, people are automatically engaged; they can focus more easily on the information, they feel heard and less confused, and communication improves significantly.

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Putting ideas on the wall captures the attention of auditory learners and also of visual and kinesthetic learners; they can draw out their ideas for everyone to see.


So, let me ask you a question: would your employees prefer a notebook loaded with business jargon (that still leaves them wondering what to do) or a simple drawing of a plan they created?


Are you ready to explore how the Ring Effect can help you, your team and organization reach your goals—without reading a binder packed with documents (that nobody reads anyway)? If so, call or email me.

We'll talk about:

  • Your passions
  • Your challenges
  • Your culture
  • Why you think our approach might work for your organization

We'll discover whether our approach resonates with you and how we can move forward.