Rave Reviews

  • Heidi Daus, Founder and CEO, Heidi Daus LTD

    Money well spent. Your ability to identify problems and work through a "fix" is extraordinary!

    I thought my crazy schedule would be the biggest obstacle that might have prevented me from hiring you.

    But I also knew deep down that making time for your session was a top priority for my company. In the end, I’m so glad we made it work out. It was an extraordinary day! Here’s why.

    I learned much more than will ever fit in a brief testimonial.

    However, what was so interesting to me is that almost all of my employees didn't understand the breadth of their coworkers’ positions. You opened everyone’s eyes so we could really see and appreciate each other’s point of view.

    You have a very lovely way in helping business people. You helped us identify problems and helped solve them by simply talking it through and seeing it clearly on paper. Having our time line on paper is key. In fact, it’s hard to imagine NOT having it on paper! Also, asking everyone to "own" something at the end of the day was an interesting and valuable exercise.

    I would certainly recommend you and your services to any size business. Money well spent. Your ability to identify problems and work through a "fix" is extraordinary!

    The most important thing people should know about working with you is that an eight-hour day spent with you is time well spent for an ENTIRE company!!

    I loved it!!!

  • Molly Metz, Vice President of Programs, Mary Black Foundation

    Jocelyn came highly recommended and we were excited about bringing her in to facilitate our meeting. Since we had never used a visual facilitator before, our only hesitation was not knowing what to expect.

    Jocelyn did a great job of providing a visual representation of our group's collective thinking. We used her work to help us present our ideas to a national organization in a unique way. It worked – we were able to sell our ideas and we were selected as one of five communities to participate in a national project.

    Jocelyn is very skilled and understands community development, so she knew how and when to interact with our meeting participants and when to remain in the background so that participants could lead.

    As we talk about our process of being selected as one of five communities across the country to participle in a national project, I talk about our work with Jocelyn frequently. I have had several people express interest in working with Jocelyn. Any organization or community group that wants to communicate their ideas in a concrete, yet creative way would benefit from Jocelyn's services.

    Jocelyn brings a unique set of skills to the table and can help community groups develop their ideas and communicate them in a way that is easy and fun to understand.
  • Bruce Flitcroft, CEO, Alliant Technologies

    Jocelyn was more effective than any meeting facilitator I had previously experienced.

    As our meeting facilitator over a 4 - 5 week period, Jocelyn moderated our meetings. She created visuals (not lists of bullet items) around the walls as we went. She collected and coordinated the outputs and challenges between the meetings of different departments so that our processes connected and were rationalized. Then the inter-departmental meetings were transformed.

    The biggest effects she had were to identify the common goals after the first round of meetings, help us visualize them the same way across disparate teams. They forced us into common language, common valuation of business outcomes and using pictures and simple flow charts to express very complex products and processes before encouraging us to dive into the detailed process engineering.

    The messaging and branding that came out of the meetings was ready for prime time toward all stakeholders. That marketing bent on the outcome was a welcome additional benefit. They brought many people from different groups onto the same pages faster than we had ever experienced before. It was very valuable in speeding up our transformation.

  • Rochelle Williams, Founder and Principal Consultant, Gather Consulting

    I can't say enough good things about Jocelyn and the value that she added to my meeting with her graphic recording skills. During a four hour brainstorming meeting, she created a show-stopper of a visual map that added a whole new layer of understanding and depth to our discussion. Jocelyn understands strategy, and she understands planning. But more importantly, she has the know-how to help groups accomplish important things together.

  • Summer Howard, summerhoward.com

    Jocelyn is clear about the process and she's open to answer any questions that come up. It always was a pleasure to be coached by her. She's fun and easy to work with and the results of this process are so positive (for my work, home and personal life) and it's like nothing I've seen or experienced. I love that each session had a summary, so I remember what was discovered and uncovered and I can see it in a way that sticks in my memory (pictures & words).

    It's the most powerful work I've participated in and I am so lucky to have had her as a coach. I loved that Jocelyn listened and captured my thoughts and feelings into such accurate visual maps, yet also shared personal stories or encouragement when I was feeling at my limit, so I could push a little further.

    Jocelyn expresses the epitome of professionalism and she took our work as seriously as if she were doing strategic planning for a major corporation. I so appreciated her attention and focus on my individual journey.

  • Mimika Cooney, mimikacooney.com

    I’ve been working on building my business for three years. I’ve never felt like I clearly communicate what it is that I do or who I am. Jocelyn taught be about the importance of structuring a unique and compelling personal brand story. More than that, though, she asks really great questions that get to the root of an issue and she’s an incredible listener.

    I enjoy her willingness to hear me out without making me feel stupid (or dramatic) and I love how she’s able to ask the right questions that go deeper than conscious thought. Any business owner would benefit from working with Jocelyn to take a deep look at his or her own brand to better position it in the marketplace.

    She also uses visual templates in her process and since I’m a visual person, those tools helped me understand the process better. I now know that taking the time to develop a compelling brand narrative is super important in deciding on a direction, it will save me time and money, and keep me from focusing on the wrong things. Jocelyn rocks!!!!

  • Bev Barnes, bevbarnes.com

    I began working with Jocelyn because I had tons of ideas and was overwhelmed with where to start and what to do. She quickly helped me to untangle my huge idea ball of yarn, find the most brilliant thread and clearly see both the big picture and the small steps for my business. Once I had all the ideas out of my head, my action plan was clear. That's exactly the help that I needed to move to action.

    Jocelyn's genius is being able to really listen with her whole self and help you see what is in your head. She creates a conceptual map, and then makes it visual, so that right brain types (like me) can actually see it. She did wonderful visual notes with drawings for me, after each session.

    Jocelyn also helped me to create an incredible visual map for my clients. She totally "got" what steps were most important to me, how I wanted it to feel and what I wanted to express. Jocelyn has the mind of an experienced business strategist and heart of an artist, healer, guide. I adore working with her!

  • Kris Manning, The Music Battery

    Jocelyn reads between the lines and is able to interpret the silence. Often what is not said is the true problem to be solved and she manages to wrangle it out of the clutter. She takes these incredible notes that are words, pictures and color coded to make sense of lots of information. She's really good at letting a discussion unfold. She listens carefully as you talk about what you think you want and then somehow, you stumble onto something you had no idea you'd be talking about but it turns out it's the real issue or problem to be solved.

    She manages to lead you through the wilds of the day to day "get it done" and into the clearing of "what we should be focused on" to get to the next level in your business. She can read the label from outside the bottle and help you innovate. She's so present and tuned in to what we're doing whether it's in a live meeting or via phone/computer. Best of all, she's objective, has great sense of humor and makes the whole strategic planning process informative and entertaining!