The Legacy Effect

You’re a visionary...

An explorer and an experiencer; someone for whom surface-level and status quo are unacceptable.

You certainly have the qualifications, experience and expertise, maybe you're even’re just not always able to communicate the value you deliver in a consistent & compelling way.

You’re a leader.

You know that you’re worthy of recognition, and that you work should be making a bigger impact. It’s not about vanity, likes and attention for you–it’s about being able to connect with the people you know you’re meant to help.

You know your work will change the world. 

Yes, that’s a big statement, but you know it’s true.

Despite this deep and clear knowing, you’re just not sure how to create a platform that leaves its mark.

The great news is that this is what The Legacy Effect™ is designed to do. This work is bigger than branding, we're building the foundation for what you'll be known for. Developed over 12 years, this exclusive process removes any confusion and frustration you might be feeling, and illuminates the essential pieces you need to understand what your legacy is.

And once you know that? Action becomes intuitive and growth becomes inevitable.

The Legacy Effect™ is how I approach all of my projects—for individuals or organizations—and results in a brand that looks and feels like you. One you’re proud to show off and excited to talk about. 

It’ll help you: 

  • Learn and embrace your leadership style and how you show up best
  • Trust yourself—to make strong and confident decisions
  • Get out of your head and into action
  • Develop a grand vision for your business and your life...and the plan to make it happen
  • Connect to yourself and your brilliance
  • Experience lasting change, life-changing transformation
  • Build and GROW
  • Create your legacy

This is how you tap into your internal compass. This is how your brand becomes clear and consistent (for you or your team or your customers). This is how you begin to do the work you truly need to do to attract the right clients to you.

The Legacy Effect™ Process:

Step 1: Explore and Expand—We start by thinking through your ideas and values, what you want to be known for, the universe you’re in, and how to make a ding in it. We’ll get you out of your comfort zone, shift your perspective, and explore all of the different possibilities out there for you. We’ll think big, we’ll play big, we’ll dream big. The best part? You’ll discover that everything you need is already there—the ingredients, the magic, the vision—it’s just a matter of being empowered and equipped to tap into it. Our work together is a co-creation.

Step 2: Distill and Define—This is where clarity starts to become queen. We’ve captured what your light is and then get crystal clear on how that infuses into your impact, strategy and brand. Then we get to work developing a plan for where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Step 3: Design and Deliver—Here we figure out your platform and how you’re going to make your mark. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of how to package your idea, grow your business, reach your audience, and build your legacy.

The Legacy Effect™ is anchored by the importance of discovering unconditional appreciation of yourself and commitment to your vision. When you have that, you truly become unstoppable. It’s through that discovery that you can extend yourself to others, create a ripple effect, and be remembered for something big (and true).

After this process you’ll feel ready to go out into the world with a succinct, meaningful, stand-out message. You’ll feel reenergized and re-connected to your vision. 

It’s this level of confidence and connectedness that allows you to stand out in the market, grow your business, and create your legacy.

Learn more about how we can collaborate. The Legacy Effect™ is the foundation of the process that I use for all my clients. We'll utilize whether you're:

  • A leader who's building a brand for an organization (click here)
  • Part of a team that's developing your strategic vision (click here)
  • You're an entrepreneur creating a personal brand (click here)